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Who are Purple Flower Care? 

Purple Flower Care is set up to provide a better value of life to prospective clients through providing excellent standards of care enabling us to assist our clients in their day to day living requirements.  We listen directly to our clients’ needs combined with our own detailed expert analysis to enable us to provide a tailor made care package which will help our clients reach their goals to their full potential. 

What makes us different? 

Our EHOS is to support people so they can have the means to support themselves 
We have a vigorous recruitment and TRAINING programme to ensure we select the right people from day one 
We provide a SAFE and secure ENVIRONMENT to our clients as well as our staff team. 
We focus all our efforts in ensuring all our clients are CARED for and their needs are met in a dignified manner. 
Purple flower Care is RESPONSIVE to feedback received, and will endeavour to solve any difficulties. 
Purple Flower Care is effective in delivering the care, by WORKING WITH OTHERS to include families, Social services, CPN’s and other agencies. 
Purple Flower Care is WELL LED by continuously keeping all staff, families and other agencies of changes or developments. 
We take pride in securing suitable ACCOMMODATION for our clients 
We believe in CONTINUOS IMPROVEMENT to ensure we are able to offer the best standards of care and service. 

How we can help? 

Purple Flower Care provide supported living care for adults aged between 18-65 who may have mental health needs, learning disabilities (including profound and multiple learning disabilities) and autism.  We provide all aspects of care and support that may be required. We focus on building our clients independence and their integration into the wider community whilst ensuring their long-term recovery. Where needed we have an outreach facility where our clients can still have access to any support they may require. 

What's next? 

f you are interested in our service, or would like more information, please get in touch through the contact details. 
We are ready to provide support immediately with trained staff on standby. 
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